Eastern Europe and China, a difficult but unavoidable world...

Whatever the activity domain involved, should we be experienced or beginners in this market, eastern Europe and China remains often mysterious for the western culture.

  • Have we never felt frustrated, misunderstood, destabilized, in front of our interlocutors?

Other culture paradoxes cannot leave us indifferent.

  • Do you feel difficulties in communicating apparently?

  • Have you never felt misunderstood, or not sure to catch precisely the intents of your interlocutors?

  • Is your strategy leading you to results beneath your expectations?

  • How to reconcile them to establish harmonious and efficient relations?

Our Action:

  • We actively develop and enhance Senior Executives international competencies and leadership in providing a completely new understanding of intercultural environments and interactions adjusted to one’s area of expertise

  • We help Senior Executives improve interpersonal skills in order to facilitate integrating international know-how.

  • We engage in a proactive dialogue with our corporate clients and more particularly with heads of Human Resources, International divisions and corporate training centres with a value-added approach