Become aware of cultural differences and of one’s own management style. Discover creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex and multidimensional challenges. Gain higher levels of self-awareness and personal fulfillment.

This programme is designed to reach a high capacity to work together and leverage intercultural differences in order to achieve a higher performance and renewed effectiveness.

Global Leadership Coaching aims at increasing global competencies for a leader exploring the following parameters : change, capability, care, communication, contrasts, context and consciousness. The International Profiler provides additional support which helps develop personal insight .

Vitual Teams Coaching

Virtual Teams Coaching aims at understanding the challenges of vitual teams by leveraging the team communication, cooperation and motivation abilities in an international environment. Cultural coaching tools include the COF used for cultural team-building purposes.



  • Clarify brakes and obstacles which prevent from moving optimum forward of a way, from sweeping blind spots, from acquiring of new ways of making and of reacting.
  • Create the conditions which allow to free from the operational to think about means and long term.
  • Make the decision-making easier in complex situations for strong stakes.


  • Invent new forms of organisation in the service of a better performance of the firm. Develop his role of supervision of team by liberating energies and new dynamics. Federate the team around shared values and strong.
  • Display collective will by creating a synergy of individual competences while helping in the implementation of a voluntary process of acquisitions of new behaviours.
  • Develop the performance of a group by favouring responsibility, creativity, initiative.
  • Make the regularisation of relational processes a collective competence.


  • Give sense to change. Hold the good cape. Acquire a step and tools to accompany mutations.
  • Anticipate change to draw the best party of yourlself and your teams facing stakes and problems of your activity.
  • Augment the capacities of training and of development of competences facing a new order.
  • Manage the processes of transition by implementing plans of useful actions and accompany them.
  • Bring tools necessary for the development of autonomy.
  • Manage relational and emotional processes in period of break.
  • Develop creativity in the situations of stress to acquire the dynamic serenity of change.
  • Our interventions of advice are based on a step of mobilisation of the whole personnel.
  • The objectives of our mission are apparently identified and put in coherence with the strategy of your firm.