In the world in constant evolution, to include international relations became necessary to the decision-making. SOFPAAC DEPARTMENT INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS has as vocation to help the decision-makers in their choices, to recommend them and to give information to them in their analysis of a determined geopolitical and multicultural environment.

Whatever is the concerned sector, that you are beginners or tested on the international market cultural difference has an influence directly on negotiations.

Optimize your business and relationship with your international counterparts

Advice of our experts of the SOFPAAC DEPARTMENT INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS is specialised in international relations and have as main objective to thin relations and to harmonise dialogue to optimise your results, in order to you allow to anticipate, to decipher and to release such situations, and so to develop your relations in a permanent and optimum way in the international.

Founded on an expertise of the behaviour and strategical mode of the intercultural thought, based on a long experience of ground, supported on a network of experts and of partners.

We will work together according to your objectives to be attained, and we will fit to your corporate culture, in your working methodology and in your budget.
In order to do that, our benefits are together established with you in a contractuelou frame for a fixed sum.

Our objective: it is yours

Our mission : to pilot you in definition and execution of your actions of commercial development and of communication

Our commitment: to give you our transfer of know-how and our experience of ground

Our force: our network of experts, bilateral and biculturel (France / EU; Eastern France / Europe; France / USA; France / Asia)